1. Go somewhere dark and lay under the stars
  2. Feed the ducks at your nearby park
  3. Ride the Ferris wheel
  4. Walk to the end of the pier early in the morning and watch the fishermen
  5. Go swimming
  6. Go bowling in the middle of the day
  7. Do  a few hours of gardening or yard tending until your sweaty and a bit stiff, then drink an ice cold beer or sangria in the front yard on your lounge chair
  8. Run through the sprinklers
  9. Lay side by side with a dear one in a couple of lounge chairs by the pool sipping iced tea, laughing and flipping through magazines
  10. Go for an aimless drive in the evening, then stop and eat somewhere you’ve never been before
  11. Take a book and a blanket to the park
  12. Read the newspaper outside at a cafe table in the early morning light
  13. Go home midday strip your clothes off, draw the shades, turn on the fan and take a nap
  14. Eat an ice cream cone with a special little person
  15. Make your own popsicles and eat them on the porch (I recommend sour cherry)
  16. Drink nothing but very healthy smoothies and pure water for a whole day.
  17. Throw the frisbee, play tennis, play smash ball, shoot hoops, play beach volleyball
  18. BBQ salmon and veggies while you sit back and relax.
    Here’s how: Make two large foil packets one for the fish and one for the veggies. Season everything with salt, pepper, generous splashes of olive oil and a pat of butter. Seal the packets. Cook over medium high heat for 25 minutes or so. Check for doneness. Eat!

Bon appetit this beautiful last July 2012 weekend!
Now I’m off with the family and friends to the giant sequoias for a weekend of camping!

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18 Ways to Soak up Summer

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