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How to Craft a Great Life

I just read an interview the other day where Francis Ford Coppola talks about the process he goes through when he’s adapting a novel for the screen. The first time he reads a novel he sits down with a pencil and makes … Continue reading

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Don’t see the scenery whizzing by? You are still moving down the road.

“Personal change happens invisibly and incrementally. Just because you can’t see your little daily shifts doesn’t mean you’re not progressing.” – Robin Sharma The message in that quote is something I have to remind myself of daily. I’m naturally a … Continue reading

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Your Self Esteem; Why those little dings really are a big deal

What do I mean by “little dings”? I mean those seemingly small decisions you make in the course of a day or evening that go against what you know to be the right thing to do. The more you know … Continue reading

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Celebrating – Why it’s so important to mark the special moments in your life.

Last night around eight thirty we finally pulled back in to our own parking space after a four day long celebratory weekend. Why? It was my birthday. Now I am not in the habit of spending four days celebrating my … Continue reading

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What supports you?

Think about it. What are the habits and rituals in your life that you either have or don’t have that support you. What would help you to operate at your best and potentially allow even more to come through you … Continue reading

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