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July 2011

Quotes, Self-Awareness July 28, 2011

Who’s Driving Your Bus?

I haven’t used that saying in quite a while now. Life is full of compromises as we get older and take on commitments and responsibilities, but the truth is: You are still the driver of your bus.You are responsible for the quality of the ride and for where you end up.

Mind, Self-Awareness July 12, 2011

Are You Waiting for Life to Begin?

When we are children we are told to study because it will help us get into college, in college we are working hard to get the good job when we graduate, when we have the job we are working for the next rung on the ladder, when we get to that higher rung we are waiting to retire. When does that end though? What about right now?

Self-Awareness July 1, 2011

Engaging Our Senses

You can see, smell, taste, and feel everything in Julia’s life. You can feel their cold Paris apartment with its grungy wallpaper and high ceilings. You can taste the buttery warm fillet of sole stuffed with fennel. You can hear the laughter and clinking of wine glasses at one of the raucous gatherings…