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September 2011

Mind, Quotes, Self-Awareness September 27, 2011

Your Mission

And what I have is not bad. In fact it’s wonderful, in most ways. So this isn’t about feeling unfulfilled, this is about a MISSION. Creating a succinct vision of what you want to make of your life what you want it to feel like from the inside.

Mind, Self-Awareness September 23, 2011

Brief Bits Friday: Resistance

I woke up today, as I do quite often, determined to “do the work”. For me, that means writing. But whether or not you like to write, it is a truth that we are simultaneously pulled to art – our creations as well as the art that is the way we live and design our lives – and to destruction.

Quotes, Self-Awareness September 20, 2011

A Blip in Time

It’s so easy to forget that we are just a blip in time. That what we do is both significant and miniscule. Living out our dreams, making the world and the few people we know in it happier because we are here, matters. And yet, in the big picture, so much of it doesn’t matter.

Mind, Quotes, Self-Awareness September 7, 2011

Still Rubbing My Eyes

I turned forty recently. Yea thanks. And it was on the way there, just over the past two years or so, that I’ve had a real waking up experience.

For some reason it began to dawn on me, out of the blue, although I must confess that might have to do with my own naivete. Perhaps wiser souls would look upon my life and say “well oh yes of course…