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Resolutions or Revolution? Give yourself what you need

Yes I am someone who makes resolutions. I don’t usually make the very measureable kind anymore like save $10,000 by the end of the year or read 15 books, although I’ve made those too in past, they definitely have their … Continue reading

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A Love Affair

I have something to tell. I don’t think it’s right to keep it to myself anymore. It’s time to come clean. I am having a love affair.  A love affair with Opera. Yes, the music. Sorry if that’s not as … Continue reading

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I am looking at… (a writing exercise)

This was a ten minute timed writing exercise offered in Natalie Goldberg’s book An Old Friend from Far Away which I just cracked open this morning. The instructions are simple. Get a clock or timer and give yourself ten minutes. … Continue reading

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Never Enough. How to stop Seeking and start Being

“There can never be enough of that which doesn’t satisfy.” – Michael Beckwith Do you ever get a feeling of almost nausea when you have overly indulged in shopping, or small talk, or endless “seeking”? Seeking the perfect diet, the … Continue reading

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Cultivating Compassion

Like it or not, there are times in life when we’re having a problem with someone close to us. It’s difficult enough to have a relationship strain with any person; bosses, colleagues, neighbors, etc., but it’s particularly difficult when it’s … Continue reading

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