Never Enough. How to stop Seeking and start Being

“There can never be enough of that which doesn’t satisfy.”
– Michael Beckwith

Do you ever get a feeling of almost nausea when you have overly indulged in shopping, or small talk, or endless “seeking”? Seeking the perfect diet, the perfect spiritual practice, the perfect wardrobe. Always seeking but never finding. Reading about how but never actually doing it? Being frustrated but never confronting. Loving but never fully letting go. Fixing, tinkering around the edges but never just BEING.

I love the quote above because I’ve wondered in the past why some things can be so compelling and it seems like you would hit a satiation point, or at the very least a level of “ah, found it!” but instead it ends up just leaving you feeling more empty. Why? Because these are not things that satisfy. So we keep feeling that itch, and we keep scratching.

What’s the solution? I’m sure there’s more than one approach but I’m thinking if you find yourself always trying to get somewhere or compulsively looking for something, maybe it’s time to do a complete about-face.

  • Stop reading and researching and DO the thing you’re reading about already.
  • Develop your own practice, your own healthy way of eating based on your body and adapt it along the way instead of looking for perfect.
  • Open yourself up to deeper conversation. Be vulnerable. Say what you mean and what you need, instead of wading in the shallow end.
  • Shop when you want something but not as a pastime (or at the very least not as your major pastime).
  • Create instead of consume.
  • Stop doing and sit still.
  • Try going a whole day without an opinion and just notice what’s going on around you.

If we do something over and over again, and yet it never satisfies maybe it’s time to look inside instead of outside. Maybe it’s in the stopping and not in the seeking that we can find the hole we’re trying to fill and a new way of filling it. We may find there is no hole at all and that seeking is like the puppy chasing its tail. Amusing at times but not a way of life.

What are you seeking?

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2 Responses to Never Enough. How to stop Seeking and start Being

  1. Amy Whelan says:

    One of the “how tos” that you posted really resonates with me. Through my yoga journey, I’ve had to cultivate vulnerability in order to let go. Just yesterday, I opened myself up to a new form of yoga, and since it was different than what I’m used to, I felt exposed and not in control. Instead of giving up, I continued with the flow practice, and 1/2 way thru started crying…I kept going, and at the end of the practice felt brand new. Scared, but willing. Make sense?

    • Kathryn says:

      Yes Amy, completely makes sense! Vulnerability is one of the hardest things for me and the first thing it makes me want to do is cry. I think there is a tender spot we have and sometimes maybe we don’t even know about it until we expose it to the air and light and that initial sting makes us want to cry. But how healing to stay with it. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing that.

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