Finding Connection

A poem in form still has to have voice, gesture, a sense of discovery, a metaphoric connection, as any poetry does.  ~ Robert Morgan

Can you believe February is pulling to a close already? 2/12ths of the year gone by. It’s been mostly good so far. This Wednesday night I’ll be going to the first gathering of the moms for E’s Kindergarten class. A bunch of us will be sitting down for some chips and salsa and margaritas while we discuss whatever things arise from what we already know we have in common (motherhood, kindergartners, a nice place to live) to hopefully a few things we didn’t realize we have in common (hobbies? interests? passions? dreams?).

Although E is already five I am still a novice to gathering with other women on the basis of mutual motherhood. I joined a new mom’s group when E was first born and we lived in Santa Barbara. We were all so bleary eyed and tentative about how to care for our new charges and figuring out how to navigate the very new waters we found ourselves in. We came with varying levels of confidence about how to be a good mom but we all found comfort and support in togetherness. Laying down soft new baby blankets on the floor of someone’s living room and watching our babies gurgle and smile and spit up. We laughed together and shared tips or tidbits from the journey, like the time one of the moms had her baby slide right out of the stroller while she was trying to maneuver it up a curb (the baby was not hurt but the mom was near hysteria). Or laughing about how much time one of us (ahem) spent in the “Mother’s Room” at Nordstrom’s because it felt safe and had all the amenities and yet you never knew who you might run into for a chat and some camaraderie.

So life marches on in these last few days of February. I love gathering with you here, knowing that there are people everywhere on similar stretches of the journey, and though we may come from all kinds of perspectives we are bolstered by connection.

Where do you find connection? Are there parts of you that are still looking? When I think about it, I think that’s the very reason I started this blog. There are parts of me that have long yearned for connection (to connect with myself and to resonate with similar souls).

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5 Responses to Finding Connection

  1. Amy Whelan says:

    I sure can relate! When my first son was just months old, my husband, Jeff, and I decided to go to IKEA for some furniture to add to our growing family. I became so overwhelmed and freaked out, that I went to the nursing room and stayed there until Jeff was finished shopping. The other new moms that were in there were in the same state as I was, and we took comfort in each other’s company. Wow, I hadn’t thought of that in years!

    • Kathryn says:

      Great IKEA story Amy and definitely helps me feel better about my frequent Nordstrom visits. That time in our lives is so surreal I guess we will take refuge where we find it. Good to remember we can do that any time we need to. I forget that. xox

  2. Lindsey says:

    This is very much on my mind lately, too … I find connection a lot of places, though truthfully most of my dearest friends have been a part of my life now for a long time. Certainly I’ve found genuine – and deeply satisfying – connection online, too, and I’m sure that’s why I blog as well! Have fun at kindergarten margaritas! xoxo

    • Kathryn says:

      Thanks Lindsey. I’m finding for me as I’ve moved further into adulthood, family life, wifeness, career, etc. that there are different sides of myself that connect to people for varying reasons and degrees and sometimes there is a thread left loose, something I can’t quite put a finger on but that feels left quiet with just the day to day quick catch up chats (which I still cherish), but that longs for expression and connection. I am enjoying finding so many of us out here in the www. and you are one of them to be sure!

  3. Amy Whelan says:

    I agree, Kathryn…the connection is key. I feel closer to Source when I connect with other people.

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