Evolution and the Joy of Change

Hello dear readers. This feels a little announcementish, it being in writing and all, but I thought it only right to let you know that something has been brewing. And while a part of me thinks “resist!” “stay the course!” another, I suppose stronger part of me, has chosen to go with it. Let change come naturally and without overthinking any false boundaries. Okay already! Enough lead in….thanks for hanging in there…

So I’ve decided that while I still want to keep writing my longish posts from time to time that attempt to touch some of the lesser examined subjects that my mind gravitates toward, I also feel like the time has come to allow this blog, this space, to evolve into its original concept which was to post any and all things related to the good life and the journey.

Am I afraid it will seem somewhat discordant at first? Yes.

But people, and blogs, are more complex than a single style sometimes, and I am apparently, one of them. Let’s just chalk that up to Gemini for now. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the evolution as well as the posts. There will be food, there may be clothes and style, and architecture, and photography, and quotes, and sometimes nothing more.

Please comment, share, and let me know when something hits a chord. Or even better if you have questions or suggestions or kind-hearted encouragement. I hope to make your visits here worthwhile.

Love and best wishes for for you in your own evolution on this Good Life Road.

Here we go!!!

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3 Responses to Evolution and the Joy of Change

  1. I look forward to this evolution of a blog I love. I’m reminded of the line “no sound is dissonant which tells of life” (I may be misquoting but that’s the gist. It will be wonderful!

    • Kathryn says:

      Thanks for the support AND the quote! That perfectly expresses something so good to remember. I often feel like my interests or just the person I am should be able to be neatly summed up somehow, but why! We are too big to make ourselves small enough to fit in a single description.

  2. Amy Whelan says:

    I had struggled with this as well with my blog. But when I really think about it, I cannot separate the “Amy” from the “yoga”–it is all a part of me and my desires. When I had posted about taking my National Boards for the third time, I wondered what it really had to do with yoga, and would it be appropriate for me to do so. Here’s what I came up with:

    1. It’s my blog, and it’s my blog, and it’s my blog! I do not want to be pigeon-holed, and neither does my blog!
    2. I can always (and should) incorporate yoga and yogic breathing into everything I do in life. Therefore, taking the National Boards is practice my yoga while taking this important test.

    I look forward to your change! It’s all a part of you, Kathyrn!


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