Wordless Inspiration #2 – Hockney

Wordless Inspiration #1

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3 Responses to Wordless Inspiration #2 – Hockney

  1. artgeeky says:

    One of my favorites. Good choice!

  2. Beautiful. I’m a fan. ’67’s “Big Splash?”

    You know – I keep wanting Mad Men to feature some fabulous mid 60s pop art. They haven’t… yet… and there at the epicenter! They appear to be so focused on the music (understandable) that they’re ignoring the art…

    Still have my fingers crossed though.

    Love some of Hockney’s late 60s early 70s etchings.

    • Kathryn says:

      I know I love this one! And soo true there should be more of this era’s art in Mad Men. Love that show too by the way. We came to the party very late but were addicted by the second or third episode! Thanks so much for dropping by.

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