The simplest memories of childhood

Riding the springy rocking horse as Charlie’s Angels
Chicken and dumplings at the table
Grandma’s velvety wallpaper
Forts, hideaways, and hot lava carpet
Hours in the pool, tipping each other off the raft
Cold stewed peaches
My sister and I tickling each others arms gently, drifting off to sleep
Bunk beds
Climbing the front yard tree
Falling on scratchy sidewalk
Riding fast on noisy plastic hot wheels
Watching Dad make his big bag lunches
Reading Judy Blume
Singing into the fan

What snapshots, sounds, smells, joys, and thrills will my child take with her?

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2 Responses to The simplest memories of childhood

  1. For some reason many of my summer memories are centered on my grandparents’ house on Long Island: the sound of cicadas through the open window as I fell asleep, the asphalt of their long, curving driveway softening in the heat of the sunshine, the smell of Shower to Shower talc in the little changing room at the beach. xox

    • Kathryn says:

      Ah my long lost blogosphere friend! I love the scent and imagery of the hot pavement. Grandparent memories can be so strong! My 8 yr old recently wrote a paper about her grandparents apartment and it was so stunning and touching to everyone to read how much she was taking in. Kids are listening to those cicadas. Always. Hope you are well!

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