Do you have an ideal self?

I am never exactly as I wish to be. My ideal self would have a different outfit on. I would be freshly showered and my hair would look great. I would be stylish. Fun. Light. Happy. I would be clear headed, rested and full of energy. I would be feeling clean and healthy having only eaten cleanly and exercised as I should every day. I would feel light and thin and completely at ease in my body.

This ideal self is completely attainable. In fact it’s not much further away than I am now. Yet this slight difference seems to be the gap that is impassable. A length never crossed.   Is it only in my mind? Is it a necessary evil. A carrot dangling just a bit further the closer the bunny gets?  Or is this gap real? The difference between who I am and who I know I can and wish desperately to be, but never quite am.

Does everyone have this gap between their real and ideal self? If you have one, are you always aware of your ideal self? Do you find it fun and motivating to have an ideal self image to strive toward, or is it more of a downer?

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4 Responses to Do you have an ideal self?

  1. Karen Wan says:

    Those are great questions. I sometimes focus on the gap too much in ways that don’t help close the gap. I would say that my picture of my ideal self has changed as I’ve aged. You’ve given me some great food for thought today. Thanks for your contemplations!

    • Kathryn says:

      Thanks for stopping in Karen! I think what you say about focusing on ways that don’t help close the gap is true for me too a lot of the time. Or else I am focused on it but it’s the actual doing part that’s my hurdle.

  2. I am familiar with the gap you speak of (what a great way to envision it). I suspect, though, that if we were to somehow cross it, and try to grasp that ideal self, we’d find that she’d moved slightly. Somehow I think that goal will always be just out of reach. Not entirely sure why. xox

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