One brief but magnificent opportunity

I would love to believe that when I die I will live again, that some thinking, feeling, remembering part of me will continue. But much as I want to believe that, and despite the ancient and worldwide cultural traditions that assert an afterlife, I know of nothing to suggest that it is more than wishful thinking. The world is so exquisite with so much love and moral depth, that there is no reason to deceive ourselves with pretty stories for which there’s little good evidence. Far better it seems to me, in our vulnerability, is to look death in the eye and to be grateful every day for the brief but magnificent opportunity that life provides.

— Carl Sagan

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3 Responses to One brief but magnificent opportunity

  1. fulltimeusa says:

    Agreed. Here’s the thing. Most folks won the lottery by living in a time and place where we can have a reasonably enjoyable life. Make of life what you can. We’re not all living hand to mouth. Thankfully. So enjoy the life you have, while you have it! The time is now! Be as happy as you can be, now!

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