All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.
  – Albert Einstein

It’s so easy to forget that we are just a blip in time. That what we do is both significant and miniscule. Living out our dreams, making the world and the few people we know in it happier because we are here, matters. And yet, in the big picture, so much of it doesn’t matter. Those things that we don’t like, that we wish we could change, about ourselves, about others, they are distractions from the purpose of our blip.

To be.  To unfold. To evolve.   And to share the journey. To unfurl like a leaf exposing as much surface to the sun as possible so as to feed the tree of life. This feels like the purpose.

When we constantly have our attention snagged by poor behavior, time pressures, the fact that we cannot do it all, or that we should even try, we leak our energy out into oblivion. The outside focus drains us from the inner focus. This must be why one of the primary common denominators of creatives is time alone.

Time alone makes it easier to drink from that inner well. But that deeper well is not tied to circumstances. Our access is limited only by our focus.

So I am challenging myself now, and I offer this challenge to you: The next time you find yourself looking for an answer or some kind of validation outside of yourself, try looking for it within first. Give it time. Allow it to unfold. It may take longer and it may be a bit less comfortable at first than calling and complaining to a friend or sitting down with a glass of wine but what we seek is undoubtedly within us and when we allow that inner voice to be heard the satisfaction is far greater and longer lasting.

* Thank you for being here. For sharing a bit of your blip. 🙂

Comments: Is there a discomfort you constantly look outside of yourself for the answer to? Hint: a few easy markers are habits such as consistent complaining, drinking, overeating, etc. Do you consciously try to tune in to your inner life to see what’s going on and what is waiting to come forward? How do you balance the outside and the inside worlds so that you are in harmony with yourself?

**A fantastic read: The War of Art. For anyone who’s creativity keeps knocking at the door.

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