I have something to tell. I don’t think it’s right to keep it to myself anymore. It’s time to come clean.

I am having a love affair.  A love affair with Opera.

Yes, the music. Sorry if that’s not as juicy as you were hoping for but I assure you it is juicy! And that’s why I want to share it.

My Mom used to play Opera sometimes as I was growing up. It would be a Sunday morning, and still under my cozy covers, I would suddenly hear these beautiful voices streaming powerfully from our living room stereo and filling our house. The emotion that comes through in the music and the vocals in Opera is like none other and for the past few months I have been basking in its warm blaze.

One of my favorite inventions of all time is the app Pandora and if you are new to Opera, or any type of music for that matter, Pandora is one of the best ways to introduce yourself, and it’s free!

Here is a prescription for music as good medicine and for bringing on a flood of gratitude:

Try this.

Get up very early one morning and have your good walking shoes and jacket on before the morning light is really showing itself. Put in your headphones and, if you can, play Opera via Pandora (I have it on the Luciano Pavarotti station which, because of the way Pandora works, will play you Luciano and all singers in that same category. Then you just give a thumbs up or down when something really strikes you and it will get to know your likes and dislikes over time). Now, as the morning light begins filling the sky, set off on your walk at the fastest pace you can muster with the music turned up to a volume that doesn’t hurt your ears but spreads through every fiber of your being.

Now walk.

Let the music fill your senses because this is one of the greatest gifts of Opera. If at first you feel as if they’re yelling at you, hang in there, you will begin to catch the passion they are singing their hearts out with.  Gradually you will enter that world and suddenly every seagull flying high through the morning sky, every hummingbird sitting still on a wire, every softly faded rose swaying in the coastal briny eucalyptus scented air will seem as if it was placed there just for you. How magnificent. How lucky! Revel in it. Because the truest expression of gratitude is being enveloped in appreciation for all that already is.

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.  ~ Victor Hugo

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