Let’s talk about that feeling. That feeling that you could do more. Be more. Why is that feeling there? Does everyone have it?

Creativity is the itch that goes with that feeling. Creativity is peering at the invisible; smelling it, sensing it, and feeling irrationally compelled to try to bring it into form. It is feeling pulled to do something, to create something to bring something into existence that never existed in quite the same way before.

Whether it’s a non-fiction essay, a comic strip, or a new idea you brought to your don’t-mess-with-the-status-quo boss. You my friend are pushing that envelope. Trying to answer the call.

This blog is an example of that for me. The first time I wanted to start a blog was in 2009. I hemmed, I hawed and then I chickened out. I wasn’t ready to put it out there. This is a common reason people don’t answer the call. It’s scary. And the truth is no one but you will know if you don’t do it. No one will die. Except….and here’s the clincher…a little part of you.

The second time I heard the call to start the blog was about a year later. I thought “this is it it. I won’t be able to ignore it this time” so I got good and bogged down in the details. I read. I researched. I trained. I joined a group. And then I chickened out. Again.

The point is, it’s all part of the journey. We aren’t always able to get there the first, second, or even tenth time. The important thing though is to keep listening to the call. Don’t tune it out. It’s there for a reason and something tells me that answering that call is one of the keys to a satisfying life.

*** If you want to think more about your own creativity and the call to be more in your life pick up the amazing and inspiring books by Hugh MacLeod: Evil Plans and Ignore Everybody.

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