This is either your life’s work or you are doing this while waiting for life to start.

~Hugh MacLeod

So often we live as if we are trying to survive. Trying to make it through another busy day. Trying to do our job well enough that we don’t get fired. Trying to make it to the weekend. Trying not to get sick.

When we are children we are told to study because it will help us get into college, in college we are working hard to get the good job when we graduate, when we have the job we are working for the next rung on the ladder, when we get to that higher rung we are waiting to retire. When does that end though? What about right now?

What if we lived as if the goal was to do, grow, be, and give as much as we possibly could right this very minute? What if we accepted the place that we stood and instead of using all of our energies for coming up with reasons why we can’t do something, or pretending that we are further along than we really are, or that we’re not good enough, what if we just stepped forward and did it anyway? What if we looked at each day as if whatever we are doing right now was the all-time gig and we weren’t just waiting for life to start at a later date?

How would life look if we didn’t mediate everything first to make sure our ideas fit in? What if we just kept an open heart and open mind and stepped forward as ourselves? No fake-it-till-you-make-it, no apologies, no excuses, just an enthusiastic 100% authentic work in progress.

What if this is your life’s work?

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

~Robert Schuller

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