One of my major objectives for this year is to have as much energy as possible to pursue all of the things I want to do. So for our Christmas present to each other husband and I splurged on a new blender.

I know. Bear with me.

It doesn’t sound very exciting at all until you realize it was a Vitamix blender, the so called Cadillac of blenders, and that it cost nearly $500 bucks! Now if that doesn’t put a pep in your step I don’t know what will! So in the interest of being exceedingly healthy, and making sure early on we’re getting our money’s worth, we have been blending smoothies every day and loving it.  The first few weren’t anything to make us proud but this one is a definite winner. It’s well balanced, very healthy and very tasty. Even better, because many of the ingredients are soft you can probably get away with using that old blender for this one, but if you like smoothies and want them to actually be smooth consider the investment, I’m frugal about such things and I don’t feel at all sorry.

Cheers to a happy and healthy New Year!

Best Smoothie
(Makes 2 large glasses with a little extra for topping off)

For us this smoothie stands in for breakfast during the week and neither of us feels hungry again until lunch time. Note, that for the avocado and banana you can use frozen but if you don’t have a good blender they don’t blend in as well.

½ – avocado (peeled and pitted of course)
1 – handful of raw cashews (soaked in pure water –i.e. not tap – for 3-6 hours  beforehand)
½ – banana (peeled)
5  – dates  (pitted)
1  – tbsp Maca (a superfood powder you can find in the bulk section of a good health food store)
2  – scoops protein powder
1  – handful fresh mint (leaves and less woody stems ok)
1  – heaping tbsp Raw Cacao (can be purchased at a good health food store)
1 – tbsp Lucema (another superfood powder you can find in the bulk section of a good health food store
1 – tbsp Mesquite (also a powder and probably near the Lucema in that bulk bin section you’re walking around)
1 – tbsp flax seeds
3  – cups water (or coconut water)

Add the flax seeds first. Then add all other ingredients with ice last. Blend until smooth.

Now you’re set to power through your morning!

Comments – Do you have other healthy suggestions for raising your energy levels? What are your health goals for the new year? Have you tried this smoothie? I’d love to hear what you thought.

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