Hi everyone! We just returned from two back to back summer vacations. We’ve been on planes, in cabs, and spent loads of hours driving. We had a great time in both Las Vegas and Boise, Idaho but we are excited to be home now, and a big part of that is coming back to the routines and healthy habits we love.

To kick off this “home coming” following a two week period of minor, but pretty constant indulgences (did I mention Vegas?), I’m going for a super clean week. I’ll then keep these guidelines pretty much 90% intact after. It feels so good to live healthy even if it’s oh so fun to indulge too! Here are my rules for this week and beyond:

– drink lemon water each morning
– no snacking between meals
– exercise or move as much as possible each day
– dress for success (by this I just mean groom to feel my most empowered each day)
– lay with my legs up the wall (I have some vericose veins starting on my legs and this is a great way to give them, and me, a rest)
– eat very low carbs: no bread, sugar, fancy coffee drinks that are dessert-like, fried foods, potatoes, rice, sweets, or fruit juice
– No alcohol (this is one I’ll ease up on after Friday night but I still like to keep it as low as possible)
– No staying up past 10pm.
– Read a minimum of ten pages a day (brain health)

What healthy habits or guidelines do you have that keep you at your best? Do you ever detox after a vacation to get back on track?

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