You can see, smell, taste, and feel everything in Julia’s life. You can feel their cold Paris apartment with its grungy wallpaper and high ceilings. You can taste the buttery warm fillet of sole stuffed with fennel. You can hear the laughter and clinking of wine glasses at one of the raucous gatherings of the “Gourmettes,” the all woman eating group she was a part of.

We are insulated from so much of life in our modern homes and office buildings with our modern neat and clean lifestyles. This book made me hungry to have my senses awakened. Pulsing.  Being used every day to their fullest.

I get this fix by slow cooking over the stove, by lying next to my little girl when I read to her at night, by my morning walks in the cool fresh coastal air, and getting my feet in the ocean. But I want more of it. More touching life directly. I think this is one of the keys to a good life.

What about you? How do you bring your senses to life on a daily basis? Do you engage in your life in a hands-on way?

When you think about some of the real pleasures in life, be they small or large, do they usually seem to involve your senses?

*** This post is dedicated to my Uncle Harold who before his stroke was a member of the “Romeos” an acronym standing for Retired Old Men Eating Out Occasionally.
If that’s not a great name I don’t know what is!

*** Happy 4th of July everyone!

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