I’m reading a lovely book right now by Martha Beck called Finding Your Own North Star and I’ve just come to the section where she describes the change cycle that we all go through over and over again in our lives via whatever event serves as the catalyst for throwing us into the cycle.

Catalyst events can come from inside you or from the outside world and include; discontent (when the life you are in just is not a fit for the real you); getting married, divorce, moving, having a baby, losing your job, having a nervous breakdown, etc. The part that fascinated me is Martha’s description of the cycle of change as a circle broken down into four squares:

Square One (called Death and Rebirth) is the chaos and tumult of leaving behind much of what you previously new and starting out afresh.
Square Two (Dreaming and Scheming) is where we formulate our dreams and plans for a new ideal life.
Square Three (The Hero’s Saga) is where we put our dreams into action in the real world. This is the real, nose to the grind stone, pragmatic phase.
Square Four (The Promised Land) is the square that seems like it would be ideal for everyone but along with being the whole point of the change cycle it is also the steady eddy phase.

Martha explains that most people are only good at one or two of the squares of change and so often end up hanging out in them. Hmm. That sounds vaguely familiar. And here I had a moment of clarity. I am a Square One and Square Two gal! I love change and I love to dream and scheme of my ideal world, self, life… Square Three – not so much. Square Four? I’m not sure if I’ve ever been there but I might not recognize it even if I were because I would still be dreaming and scheming of change on the horizon.

What square are you in?

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