(Video) How to Make a Great Smoothie

Welcome to my first ever published video! Yikes! I hope you find it reasonably enjoyable to watch and encouraging so that you can begin making your own smoothies and getting the amazing health and energy benefits we have been experiencing.


3 Responses to (Video) How to Make a Great Smoothie

  1. Blake says:

    OMG smiled so big! you will get better…just made me realize once again why i love you so much as a person…i will watch this many times!

  2. Catherine Smith says:

    This was a totally awesome video and you did such a great job explaining the process! Thanks. I’ll let you know when I get the items to make my own. Cathy

    • Kathryn says:

      Thanks so much Catherine! It was lots of fun to do the video and these shakes really make you feel great at a whole different level than the usual ingredients that go into smoothies. I’m really excited to hear what you think after you have tried them in your diet for a while. Check out the smoothie recipe too up under Good Life Food under the header. It’s almost identical to the one in the video and it’s delish!

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