Last night after work following an unusually warm October day, my daughter and husband and I went down to the beach.  We chased each other on the sand, watched the sunset, sat close on a blanket munching crackers, and my husband went for a swim.

As we walked back up the beach under a pink sky we talked about how the time change will be happening soon and it will go back to being dark when we get off work. We remarked how it would have been great to have been visiting the beach like this in the evening at least once a week throughout the summer. Just for a half hour or so, to unwind in the fresh air instead of in our living room after so many hours in an office. I noted we should put it on a list of things we want to be doing so we remember it for next summer.

It’s so easy to fill our lives with the practical and routine that week after week and then month after month can go by before we look up and realize that we aren’t getting the out-of-the-ordinary good stuff in.

Experiences we sense will enrich our lives but that we’ve just left as little puffs of “someday’s”. But someday is now and no matter how close you are to it, it really takes a conscious effort to schedule in things that fall outside of your normal routine.

So if you find yourself thinking…I wish we played board games more often, or went to movies, or walked the galleries of our local museum, or tried new recipes, or had dinner parties, or watched the sunset, or walked around our neighborhood, try choosing one and scheduling it in once a week or every other week.  Let it become a new part of your routine for a while. Then switch it out for something else.

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