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How to Feel Awesome

Things That Make Me Feel Great Getting enough sleep Taking a time out/alone time Adding lemon to food and water, juices Eating salad Reading everyday/almost everyday – going through books regularly Long walks A whole day at the beach with … Continue reading

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How it All Fits

Stephen R. Covey of the famed The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is known for a particularly hard hitting demonstration, an analogy for designing a life (something I’ve written about before here and here too). The Demonstration A large … Continue reading

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Resolutions or Revolution? Give yourself what you need

Yes I am someone who makes resolutions. I don’t usually make the very measureable kind anymore like save $10,000 by the end of the year or read 15 books, although I’ve made those too in past, they definitely have their … Continue reading

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The Number One Tool for Keeping Yourself on Track

If you’re anything like me you find yourself wondering from time to time if you are doing enough in your day to day life to make your ideals a reality. Maybe your clothes are getting a little tight, or you haven’t … Continue reading

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Scheduling in the Good Stuff

Last night after work following an unusually warm October day, my daughter and husband and I went down to the beach.  We chased each other on the sand, watched the sunset, sat close on a blanket munching crackers, and my … Continue reading

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Brief Bits Friday: Resistance

Brief Bits Friday is the beginning of what I am thinking  may be a series of smaller posts on Friday’s to open up some of the thoughts, epiphanies, struggles, or just general interestingness floating by on this Good Life Road. … Continue reading

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Accept All Offers

I was reading a post the other morning about incorporating the rules of improv theater into guiding principles for life when I was stopped dead in my tracks by Rule #1. Accept All Offers. In improv this is the idea … Continue reading

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Who’s Talking? Mind or Body

We were in Big Sky Café the other day in San Luis Obispo on our drive down the coast from Big Sur where we had been camping. The whole way down in anticipation of lunch my body could not wait … Continue reading

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How I Improved My Life Enormously with One Small Change

  It’s easy to overlook the effect our routines have on us. Once they get established we don’t usually give them much thought unless they are interrupted.  But a bad routine can be having far more impact on your life … Continue reading

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Your Self Esteem; Why those little dings really are a big deal

What do I mean by “little dings”? I mean those seemingly small decisions you make in the course of a day or evening that go against what you know to be the right thing to do. The more you know … Continue reading

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