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Life is Like a Box of Crayons

Life is like a box of crayons. Most people are the eight-color boxes, but what you’re really looking for are the 64-color boxes with the sharpeners on the back. I fancy myself to be a 64-color box, though I’ve got … Continue reading

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Finding Connection

A poem in form still has to have voice, gesture, a sense of discovery, a metaphoric connection, as any poetry does.  ~ Robert Morgan Can you believe February is pulling to a close already? 2/12ths of the year gone by. … Continue reading

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Cultivating Compassion

Like it or not, there are times in life when we’re having a problem with someone close to us. It’s difficult enough to have a relationship strain with any person; bosses, colleagues, neighbors, etc., but it’s particularly difficult when it’s … Continue reading

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Friendship…No one explains it like a kid

The other night as I was tucking my five year old into bed she said, “Mommy, you know sometimes how when you’re with your best friend you feel like you’re with your Mommy?” Probing a little deeper I said, “Yes, … Continue reading

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On my father’s side I had a Jewish Grandma from Brooklyn, Annette. I tell you the Jewish and Brooklyn bits because you would be unnecessarily handicapped in conjuring up the right image and voice without a little aid from this … Continue reading

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Connection, Vulnerability, and Finding Your Voice

“I couldn’t hear the music, I couldn’t remember how to play my own song.”  ~ Anne Lamott I’m still digging it up, still brushing it off, but there’s something here. Something is just below the surface, and I’m wiggling it … Continue reading

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Eight Years Ago Today

Eight years ago today we pledged our lives together standing barefoot in the sand in front of family, friends, and the steel blue sea.  In the years since, we’ve ridden many bumps, fallen down and gotten back up, and held … Continue reading

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When Someone Doesn’t “Get” You

It is a terrible feeling to feel misunderstood by someone. I am not referring to being misunderstood on a particular issue but rather the more fundamental kind of misunderstood, when someone does not “get” you.  It is the type of disconnect … Continue reading

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