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Mind, Self-Awareness September 23, 2011

Brief Bits Friday: Resistance

I woke up today, as I do quite often, determined to “do the work”. For me, that means writing. But whether or not you like to write, it is a truth that we are simultaneously pulled to art – our creations as well as the art that is the way we live and design our lives – and to destruction.

Mind, Self-Awareness July 12, 2011

Are You Waiting for Life to Begin?

When we are children we are told to study because it will help us get into college, in college we are working hard to get the good job when we graduate, when we have the job we are working for the next rung on the ladder, when we get to that higher rung we are waiting to retire. When does that end though? What about right now?

Mind, Self-Awareness, The Arts May 28, 2011

The Hurdle of the “First”

As much of an upside as they have, this weight we put on the first can also intimidate and distract us from moving and thinking beyond it.  Moving into deeper waters, into the journey, because we’re afraid of the initial shock and the chance that we might screw it up.