Good Life Road is one year old today!

I am so grateful for this space that has uplifted, challenged, inspired, and connected me to so many wonderful, interesting, smart, and creative people. Writing this blog has become both a journey of outward expression and a portal into my own mind. Thank you for this year, for your comments, for reading, for “liking” and for doing your thing too so that I may learn from you.

Here’s what’s passed under the bridge since that very first post on May 28, 2011 (in chronological order):

The Hurdle of the First
Answering the Call
What Supports You?
Your Self Esteem; Why those little dings are a big deal
Don’t see the scenery whizzing by? You’re still moving down the road.
How to Craft a Great Life
Engaging Our Senses
52 Ways to Enjoy the Summer
Are you waiting for life to begin?
How I improved my life enormously with one small change
Who’s Driving Your Bus?
Six Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Marriage
I Knew Myself So Long Ago
When Someone Doesn’t “Get” You
Who’s Talking? Mind or Body
Still Rubbing My Eyes
Accept All Offers
A Blip in Time
Your Mission
Little Bookstores and Big Truths
Trying to Be Perfect
Eight Years Ago Today
Scheduling in the Good Stuff
The Number One Tool for Keeping Yourself on Track
The Fog
How to Do Something Worthwhile
Cheer Up: 22 Ways to Feel Happier
Connection, Vulnerability, and Finding Your Voice
There is a Movement
The Poetry in the Music
The Five Year Plan
The Open Secret and Why Fake it till You Make it is Hurting Us
Destruction, Self-Sabotage, and the Dance of New Life
Setting the Pace
Friendship…no one explains it like a kid
How to Look at Your Life Stories in a Bigger Light
Cultivating Compassion
Never enough. How to stop seeking and start being
I am looking at…(a writing exercise)
A Love Affair
Resolutions or Revolution? Give yourself what you need
An Example of Fortune
Heading out for a couple of weeks
Finding Connection
How it All Fits
5 Practices for Keeping Overwhelm at Bay
A Good Way to Measure What Works for You
An Artful Life
Evolution and the Joy of Change
Do It Like You Mean It
All Mamas Want the Same Thing
A Brand New Day
Want to feel better? Create something.
How to Thrive as an Introvert
Nine Tips for a Great Weekend
The First Sip; Every Time
Walk in with What You’re Looking For
11 Questions, 11 Answers, and 11 Awesome Blogs
Come Home to Yourself Now
Tell me…
What are you longing for?
Finding Your Own North Star
Notice and Admit
Wordless Inspiration #1
Wordless Inspiration #2
An Homage to Adam Yauch

Blowing out the candles now and looking forward to another year of discovery!


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