Hi everyone…or…no one. Yet?

This is my very first blog post. Ever. So I am going to try not to freak out about it.

I think it’s natural to make a big deal about firsts. Firsts are great. They are momentous, exciting, scary, thrilling…we’re taking it up a notch. The problem is that the importance of the ‘first’ can get completely blown out of proportion.

  • The wedding vs the marriage
  • The birth vs raising a healthy well adjusted child
  • The first blog post vs finding expression, community, and meaning
  • You get the picture

As much of an upside as they have, this weight we put on the first can also intimidate and distract us from moving and thinking beyond it.  Moving into deeper waters, into the journey, because we’re afraid of the initial shock and the chance that we might screw it up.

This is part of being human, part of the journey on the road of life, these kinds of things and a lot more, are what I want to write about here and talk about with you.

Welcome to Good Life Road. I am incredibly excited for the journey.

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