We are going out on a date Saturday night, the husband and I. We don’t go out very often but we got ourselves a sitter and an invitation. This time it will be in the spirit of community building. We’re heading to a little rooftop restaurant for dinner and dancing with the parents and faculty of the neighborhood elementary school. It’s the spring fundraiser event and we’ve all paid for tickets, and there will be an auction, and I’m sure a few speeches. Our daughter is only in Kindergarten so we’re new to this kind of scene but my hope is, that along with raising the funds the school needs in order to keep class sizes down and have teacher assistants, that we will also meet some warm and fun people, enjoy a few laughs with our parenting comrades, and feel generally welcomed into the community.

But regardless of what we find, we will walk in with what we’re looking for Saturday night. We will bring the best of ourselves to the party.

How about you?
When you have high hopes or expectations on a social gathering or even another person for that matter, do you remind yourself to be sure that you too walk in with what you’re looking for?

We must be what we hope to find in the world.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

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