Think about it. What are the habits and rituals in your life that you either have or don’t have that support you. What would help you to operate at your best and potentially allow even more to come through you than you are currently capable of?

Strangely, most of it is directly under your control

Here’s me:

What supports me:

  • Going to bed early enough that I can read in bed for at least a half hour and still get at least seven hours of sleep.
  • Getting up early enough to drink a cup of coffee, meditate, go for a run, shower, and go on to my day
  • Exercising at least a few times a week
  • Having time a few mornings a week to go to a coffee shop to write, read, and feed my head.
  • Having time to play with my daughter without multi-tasking
  • Eating salad for lunch three or four times a week. Veggies are important.
  • Having at least one or two in-person heart-to-heart conversations with my husband within a week. Any less than that and I begin to feel disconnected.
  • Going out to dinner or on a date at least once a week.  Getting out is essential for me. If I feel like my life is too hemmed in and I’m not partaking in the fun I get cranky.

What doesn’t support me:

  • Too much rushing around…not enough puttering
  • No quality time with my family…all busy and no sitting and just being there with them and to heck with everything else.
  • Not socializing enough. I’m an introvert by nature but if I let that completely take over it starts working against me and I get lonely and withdrawn.
  • Too much socializing. Back-to-back events or days in a row of high impact social time? Not my cup of tea.
  • Not making time for the things I like to do the most: reading, writing, learning, growing, wondering, that is so essential to my happiness.
  • Doing too much of the same thing. This is why most jobs suck.
  • Lack of new experiences: give me road trips, vacations, new restaurants, whatever!

Now you…what supports you? What’s working against you? Please tell me in the comments.

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