Good Life Road is a blog dedicated to the questions, paradoxes, awesome sources of inspiration, and conundrums of living a good life.

The message in our culture is that the good life is a destination and that it only looks one way. Because we are slowly becoming savvy that this is not true, we find ourselves on the side of the road with the map out. What now?

But by being pulled over with the map out we are infinitely closer to leading lives that are right for us as individuals. Life is a road trip. There are potholes, detours, and the occasional swanky neighborhood, but it is a journey that we are on. As soon as you think you have landed, “this is it!” learn no more, seek no more, challenge yourself no more, this is when the trip ceases to be fun…just acre after acre of corn fields. Sometimes we even fall asleep out there, or put ourselves to sleep, and end up years later at the “This is not my life. How did I get here?” place. Let’s wake up and enjoy the ride!

I am not putting any faux boundaries on the subjects that may be covered here. If it’s interesting, touches me, feels profound – or not – or seems like it could have a positive effect on the quality of our lives then it’s fair game.

About me
I’m Kathryn Markolf. I live in Santa Monica, California with my daughter and husband. I work full time at a marketing job in the corporate world, am left-handed, was once a personal chef, practiced yoga nearly every day for a decade or so, read voraciously, have been known to rankle the status quo from time to time, and love to learn, think, and write about a wide range of subjects almost all of them having to do with living a satisfying, authentic, yummy (a girl’s got to eat!) and meaningful life.

I love to hear from readers – here’s how you can connect with me:

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Thanks for being here!


5 Responses to About

  1. O Cassandrae says:

    Great I loved your blog. It’s awesome. Totally awesome.

  2. Jetson says:

    Thank you so much for this artcile, it saved me time!

  3. You have got a great point of view. I am left handed too!

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